First Days


Delivery movie: This may be disturbing to some young people. The video is a perfect example of some of the stretching and pulling that can affect breast feeding. 

Breastfeeding or manual expression within the first hour after birth

Health Care provider: "Wow that latch looks great!

Trusted places to go for face to face Breast feeding support: Calendar updated by Peterborough Public Health.

Proper Storage and Handling of Human Breast milk

Mom: But it hurts and he won't stop feeding. He is so gassy and he keeps spitting. IS IT A TONGUE TIE?

Dr. Kotlow's presentation about classification system and importance of treatment (Used with permission from Dr. Kotlow)

Best way to latch: Dr. Jack Newman

Latest Controversies:

Fed is Best Fed website encouraging the use of top ups with formula in their feeding plan when needed.

Dr. Jack Newman's Response to "Fed is Best Fed" (if you do not have a Facebook account this link will take you to just the written response without the latching video)

UNICEF response to newborn dehydration and support needed by parents to feel secure their baby is getting the breast milk needed or is there a medical necessity for formula. response to Feed the Baby

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